Karnataka PGCET: Karnataka PGCET

Karnataka PGCET exam conducted by Karnataka Examinations Authorit for candidates who interested in pursuing PG courses


Proficiency in English Language:  (Section – A)

   a.      Synonyms    
   b.      Antonyms
   c.      One word Substitution
   d.      Idioms and phrases
   e.      Pairs expressing relationships
   f.       Grammar
   g.      Famous Books in English Literature
   h.      Sentence Correction

General Knowledge : (Section - B)

   a.      Indian Business Environment
   b.      Global Environment
   c.      Social Events
   d.      Cultural Events
   e.      Economics
   f.       Management
   g.      Political Events
   h.      Historical Events
   I.       Current Affairs
   j.       Sports
   k.      Awards
   l.       Personalities and Achievements
   m.     Science and Technology
   n. Humanities

Test of Reasoning and General  Intelligence (Section – C)

    a.     Puzzles
    b.     Diagrams
    c.     Analogy
    d.     Logic
    e.     Verbal Ability
    f.      Analytical Ability
    g.     Related Aspects

Quantitative Analysis (Section – D)

     a.    Arithmetic
     b.    Data Analysis and Interpretation
     c.    Statistics
     d.    Related Quantitative Aspects


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